Language Carrier is a project dedicated to the transmission of theatre play translations and digital presentations as an alternative to subtitling or simultaneous interpretation.

The translation is streamed to smartphones and synchronized on real time by a technician.

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Providing translation at theatres in real time

Requires an awareness of market situation and research progress. The following articles are useful for those that share our interest in this innovative domain.

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One should not underestimate the potential of theatre as driver of tourism. London is a great example as 24% of all its international visitors (as per 2013) attend the theatre, resulting in around 2 million London theatre visits a year.
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Productions on tours abroad: they can be subtitled, simultaneously translated or explained with the help of synopses.


  • Tells you the Theatre's history
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Even though smartphone technology is not a novelty, traditionally the theatre play translation method has been focused on the use of subtitles or so-called surtitles. Some companies provide the automatized translation service, whose method does not resolve the main problem of providing translation during the show.
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Theatre in Paris is a French company offering translation to some Parisian theatres, projected above the stage in form of surtitles. Those are visible to every member of audience, also those that speak the language. This form of subtitling increases the price of ticket to all members of public in general.


  • Flight Mode ON
  • Uses inconspicuous colouring
  • Doesn't distract the visual attention of the spectator.

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